Treating chronic muscle- and joint pain without the use of medication or surgery.

Why is RELEARN important?

Chronic pain is not specifically caused by a physical injury, it may have started as such, but the chronification happens because the patient's brain starts overreacting to pain. This means the patient’s brain tells them to feel pain, even when they shouldn't.
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Our goal is to create tomorrow's pain alleviation treatment for patients suffering from chronic muscle- and joint pain. RELEARN is founded on patient-centered care which puts the individual patient’s health and needs into focus.

Our treatment, RELEARN is 100% based on mental and physical rehabilitation. RELEARN makes it possible through classic EEG and EMG equipment to measure pain-related brain activity. This feedback is visualized on a screen, which makes it possible for the patient to see how the brain responds to pain. The information can help the patient to modulate a healthy brain response to pain-related activity.

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Neurofeedback treatment for chronic pain patients

In collaboration with the Centre for Clinical Research part of the North Denmark Regional Hospital, Aalborg Pain and Sports clinic, and noaQA, we are testing and running clinical trials for further development. The project is supported by The European Regional Development Fund.