REDO - Neurosystems teams up with the Center for Clinical Research from the Regional Hospital Hjørring, Aalborg Pain and Sports Clinic and noaQA. The project are funded by The European Regional Development Fund.


Published 6th of September, 2022 by REDO  

The research is part of the EU-supported Health Technology Service Program "Neurofeedback treatment for chronic pain patients". The consortium consists of the MedTech company REDO – Neurosystems, Center for Clinical Research, Aalborg Pain and Sports Clinic and NoaQA, which together with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development, will test and validate the effect of 'RELEARN' before a future market launch.

One in five Danes suffers from chronic pain, and it is estimated that this number will only increase in the future. In the past few years, there has been an increased focus on chronic pain, and in 2019 chronic pain finally became a recognized disease. We are therefore facing a paradigm shift in the treatment of chronic pain, and more people are also opening their eyes to new methods of treating them.

Since the summer of 2019, REDO – Neurosystems have been dedicated to developing a new treatment for chronic pain. REDO is a spin-off from Aalborg University and the initial research started at the university way back in 2014.

The goal of the collaboration is to test and complete the development of the RELEARN treatment. The treatment can teach patients to train their pain impulses and eventually reduce their chronic pain. The treatment consists of eight sessions of 45 minutes. RELEARN is not a quick fix, but a series of sessions that, over the course of three weeks could potentially reduce the patient's perceived pain.

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The treatment is 100% based on mental and physical rehabilitation of the brain's pain response. During the treatment, the patient can see how e.g., positive thoughts can help control the pain. There is no precise guide on how to achieve success with the treatment, as each patient's experience with pain is individual. This is where our visual feedback is essential, as it can help patients see what works for them and thus how to succeed.

The collaboration between the four companies was initiated in March 2022 and in September the first patient will be enrolled. During the project, the Center for Clinical Research will have 36 patients through the trial in a treatment group and a control group. The trial must ensure that we have enough data to be able to demonstrate evidence for the effect of the treatment.

During the project, REDO, in collaboration with Aalborg Pain and Sports Clinic, will test and optimize the commercial version of the software. This must ensure that implementation of the treatment in the clinic will be more effective. The treatment must be carried out by healthcare personnel and can be carried out in hospitals, pain clinics or with physiotherapists.

In parallel, with the research and test sessions, REDO and NoaQA must complete the medical CE approval, which they have been working on since 2019. In doing so, RELEARN can be classified as a medical device. This means that the product is safe to use and complies with European regulations.