A Danish webinar series about chronic pain. In collaboration with Johan Toftegård from Better Health, Michael Møller Nielsen from Aalborg Pain and Sports Clinic and the Association of Chronic Pain Sufferers and Relatives, we are hosting 3 free webinars in September 2022.

3 Danish webinars about chronic pain

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Published 25th of August, 2022 by REDO  

One in five Danes lives with chronic pain and everything indicates that the number would increase in the future! Acute pain is often a sign of danger. If you put your hand on the stove, you will experience a sudden and intense pain. It is a pain you can relate to, but at the same time also a pain that can be treated. Whereas pain in muscles and joints without any acute injury can be difficult to deal with. They are most often the result of a previous injury, but sometimes the pain can occur for no apparent reason. Pain that has lasted for more than 6 months is termed chronic and it can have a major impact on mental and physical health. In our webinar series, we will shed light on the disease chronic pain and how to treat it.

Webinar 1: Chronic pain as a recognized disease

Date: 13th of September 2022 at 10.00am-11.00am

Presentation (30 min): In 2019, chronic pain was recognized by the WHO as a disease. It was now possible to be diagnosed if you have had pain in the same place for 3-6 months. I fully recognize chronic pain, but I experience in the meeting with the many patients we see that the term chronic pain is not properly explained by health professionals. For many, this can have fatal consequences, because chronic pain is not dangerous in itself, but the consequences of being it can be.

Questions (15 min): Opportunity to ask Johan Toftegård questions.

Speaker: Johan Toftegård, physiotherapist and founder of Better Health

Webinar 2: A personal story about the meeting with the Danish healthcare system

Date: 15th of September 2022 at 10.00am-11.00am

Presentation (30 min) 3 June -2022, I had just taken over our new house, the last furniture had been moved. Two kilometers away, I had ordered food for the family at the local Thai Take Away. My mother-in-law's car blocked the driveway, so I grabbed the bike. It had fatal consequences, 250 m from home, I fall over a bump, it costs 3 breaks on my ankle, plus a torn ligament. Now it was my turn to get through the Danish healthcare system. That was the meeting, with a lot of misinformation, doped up with pills (at least they tried), no advice about what I could do of good things before and after my operation. Yes, I felt alone" Hear about my journey and where I stand now…

Questions (15 min): Opportunity to ask Johan Toftegård questions.

Speaker: Johan Toftegård, fysioterapeut og stifter af Better Health

Webinar 3: RELEARN – Neurofeedback treatment for chronic pain

Date: 20th of September 2022 at 10.00am-11.00am

Presentation 1 (15 min): REDO – Neurosystems, in collaboration with Aalborg University, has developed RELEARN, a software program that potentially makes it possible to treat chronic pain in muscles and joints. The treatment is 100% based on mental rehabilitation. It can be compared to a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor provides the runner with data that can help to optimize the results from time to time in the same style as RELEARN. Hear Morten, co-founder of REDO, tell how RELEARN works and why this treatment is unique.

Presentation 2 (15 min): Michael Møller Nielsen has many years of experience in treating chronic pain patients in his clinic. Based on his experiences, Michael will give his view on why RELEARN is relevant and how he will implement it in practice.

Questions (15 min): Opportunity to ask Morten Kirkegaard and Michael Møller Nielsen questions.

Speaker: Morten Kirkegaard, co-founder of REDO - Neurosystems and Michael Møller Nielsen, physiotherapist and owner of Aalborg Pain and Sports Clinic