Revolutionizing the treatment of chronic pain patients. Through the use of innovative technology, we offer a treatment which focuses on the individual patient’s health and needs.


Our goal is to create tomorrow's pain alleviation treatment for patients suffering from chronic muscle- and joint pain. Our innovative treatment is founded on patient centered care which puts the individual patient’s health and needs into focus.

Quality of life

We aim to ensure a healthy lifestyle for chronic pain patients. We do this through self-taught manipulation of pain-related brain activity. We want to develop a treatment that focuses on improving the health and well-being of our patients - now and in the future.


As active contributors to the field of neuroscience, we want to share new findings concerning chronic pain- and health research. The knowledge of nociceptive pain mechanisms has expanded rapidly within the last decades and we want to provide data which contribute to that development, which will ultimately benefit our patients.

Social responsibility

Chronic pain can be disabling and damaging to the patient’s ability to work and function on a day to day basis. Our technology offers the possibility to improve the patient’s quality of life and facilitate medical treatment, which can bring people back on the job market, which is in the interest of both the patient as well as our society.
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to improve the quality of life for people suffering from chronic muscle- and joint pain. An estimated 400.000 patients in Denmark depend on pain-relieving treatment for chronic pain, which presents an enormous social- and economical effect on society, not to mention a great personal burden for the patients themselves.

  • Our Vision

    Our vision is to lead the field of treatment of chronic muscle- and joint pain. Our advanced neurotechnology offers the possibility of a drug-free treatment, which is 100 % based on mental and physical rehabilitation. Because we want to make a difference when chronic pain becomes too much.

Our History

The idea derived from aalborg universitet, where they have been researching "how to measure pain" for many years

  • AUGUST 2019

    We started our entrepreneurial adventure on Innovative Growth. A startup program for entrepreneurs in Aalborg.

  • September 2020

    From September and a year onwards we are funded by Innovationsfonden, Denmark. We are participation in their prestigious Innofounder Gradute Program.

  • April 2021

    We got an investment from Accelerace and Vaekstfonden on DKK 2 millions

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